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Overseer Antonio Lamont Fitzgerald

It was April 16, 2004 and God said, Will you do my will? Fitzgerald reply was Yes Lord. At that moment Antonio began to walk fully in the assignment that was designated for his life. On August 12, 2007, Antonio publicly answered the call and preached his official sermon “Here am I, Lord I’m Available Now.” On August 12, 2013, Antonio was elevated to the sacred office of an Ordained Elder. On November 1, 2015, Antonio was officially released by his spiritual father Bishop Major L. Hairston to birth a new ministry in the city of Danville – The Remnant Church of Power.


As founder and president of A.L.F. Outreach Ministries & Media Network, he strives to bring excellence in the advertisement and communication element of today’s present church and businesses. With a mission to enhance the kingdom of God, his company provides advance multi-channel marketing; specializing in business communication, website design, flyers, invitations, e-blast (over 5,000 people) — and other social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As his business continues to grows, he aspires broaden his vision beyond the walls of the church and his hometown. In 2003 Fitzgerald began the 500 Youth-N-Black Movement which has become a national known event for young people to come together for fellowship and empowerment to advance in the kingdom of God.


Antonio L. Fitzgerald is a dynamic, soul stirring preacher—charged with a word of life for a dying generation. His message of forgiveness, love, and way of living has touched the lives of countless people. Hailing from Danville, VA Antonio is a faithful follower as well as an inspired young pastor and community leader who realizes that one must follow dutifully before one can lead effectively. This is reflected in his innate wisdom, compassion, love, and dedication to New Hope Apostolic Church under the leadership of Bishop Major L., ThD and First Lady Shirley Hairston; where he served as a faithful member for over 25 years and worked diligently as an Associate Elder, Youth Pastor, Sunday School Teacher and member of the Executive Board.  He contributes his spiritual foundation from the teachings and upbringing at Holy Tabernacle of Jesus Christ.


Antonio Lamont Fitzgerald, native of Danville, VA, is the son of Mr. Lloryd Newman and Ms. Mary Fitzgerald. He was born at the Danville Memorial Hospital on March 8, 1985. He has five siblings, several nieces and nephews. Antonio gives much respect to his spiritual grandmother who led him to Christ Ms. Remonia Wright.





He attended the Virginia University of Lynchburg where he studied in Religious Studies. Outside of ministry Antonio is a full time Barber. Additional commissions include his involvement with Faces of our Children Sickle Cell Organization. On March 8, 2014 Antonio released his first book “Birthing the Real You” that speaks to the whole person including those invisible things one may disregard because of not understanding its purpose to launch you into destiny.


You can follow Antonio on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to stay connected to his daily encouragement for the youth to live their best life, through the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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