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Antonio L. Fitzgerald shines as a vessel of divine inspiration, fervently delivering a message steeped in apostolic grace, tailored to uplift the souls of the current generation. His anointed teachings and revelatory preaching on forgiveness, love, and purposeful living resonate deeply, touching the hearts of congregations around the world.


Born on March 8, 1985, at Danville Memorial Hospital in Danville, VA, Antonio is a blessed child of Mr. Lloryd Newman and Ms. Mary Fitzgerald, surrounded by the warmth of a family with one stepson and five siblings. On October 3, 2020, Antonio married the love of his life Lady LaTasha Fitzgerald. The spiritual legacy bestowed upon him by his god-grandmother, Ms. Remonia Wright, became the guiding light that led him to embrace the love of Christ.


Antonio's journey in faith spans over 30 years at New Hope Apostolic Church, where he served humbly under the anointed leadership of the late Bishop Major L., ThD, and First Lady Shirley Hairston. His roles as Associate Elder, Youth Pastor, Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher, and Executive Board member were a testament to his commitment, drawing inspiration from the sacred teachings of Holy Tabernacle of Jesus Christ at an early age.

Responding to the divine call in 2007, Antonio was ordained as an Elder in 2013, and in obedience to the Spirit, he founded The Remnant Church of Power on November 1, 2015. Mirroring the Apostle Paul, he accepted the elevation of Overseer within Covenant Keepers International Alliance (CKIA) in August 2023, under the guidance of Bishop Hezekiah Walker.


Antonio's heart beats with love for the community. Initiating the 500 Youth-N-Black Movement in 2003, bringing the church and community together from all around the world to elevate the minds of the youth. Active participation in organizations like Faces of our Children Sickle Cell, embodying a Christ-like compassion for those in need.


On March 8, 2014, Antonio released his first book "Birthing the Real You," a literary offering inspired by the Holy Spirit. This work on holistic personal development, rooted in the understanding of purpose, seeks to guide believers on a transformative journey toward their God-ordained destinies.


As the Founder and President of A.L.F. Outreach Ministries & Media Network, Antonio's endeavors extend beyond the pulpit. Through multi-channel marketing services, he reaches over 20,000 souls, utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, E-blast, Twitter, and YouTube. His vision, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, seeks to spread the light of Christ beyond the church walls.


Academically rooted in Religious Studies from his time at Virginia University of Lynchburg. Antonio's diverse talents also include a licensed full-time Barber, a trade he dedicates to serving others with love and humility. Facilitator for the Network 101 Seminar: instructing church leaders in contemporary strategies and social media insights, fostering the integration of modern-day techniques into the realms of business and churches.


For a daily dose of spiritual nourishment, follow Antonio on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. His devotion spans preaching, community service, business, and a heartfelt commitment to guiding the next generation on their Christian journey.

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