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Elder Antonio L. Fitzgerald is a humble and faithful servant of God, who is committed to fulfilling his God-given assignment. A noted community leader, his aim is to encourage and empower everyone that he comes in contact with.


We spend over 50% of our lives trying to please others and live up to the standards of society. In our futile attempt we lose confidence, trust and value in ourselves. Birthing the Real You promises to help you discover your true identity.


If you want to walk in the plan that God has specially designed for your life, you must take the time to hear from Him and allow Him to show you who you really are and who you are destined to be.


Anything in life that is created was formed with a purpose, mission and goal in mind. That is the same way the father created you. Let it be your daily goal to seek the Lord for guidance and instruction. It is my prayer that after reading you are more inspired in your process of Birthing the Real You.

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