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Reach souls by spreading the gospel through service, evangelism, and community outreach programs

Encourage Bible study though the iStudy program which will make learning practical, needful, and fun.

Encourage members to live lives Holy unto the Lord by creating a safe place for accountability and help with life issues.

Build the confidence of every believer that God has empowered and chosen them to be victorious in every way and to remember that they are the remnant. 


The vision of The Remnant Church is to build a body of believers who love the Lord, know His word, and live it out through their daily lives as victorious people.  As a result of this we will:

Build a campus that will house our Church Edifice where all people can come to experience a lively worship service that will impact the whole man; mind, body, and soul.  We will have capabilities for those who are deaf, blind, and disabled.  We will also minister to non-English speaking parishioners.


Senior Citizen Center a place for adults ages 60 and up to enjoy things they love while meeting new people.  They will be able to participate in activities they love, while receiving he social interaction and mind stimulation they need.  This center will offer life classes, exercise classes, game time, and much more.

Youth Center A place for young people to come year round that will provide them a safe outlet to express their talents and gifts around positive role models. This center will house our after school program and summer camp.

Recreation Center -  This will be our gym and workout facility.  We will open the gym to the public by offering safe and structured recreational activities.


Business Center -   A place for church owned, and member owned businesses.  We believe in building up Faith Based Economy, and will continue to empower those who want to venture into entrepreneurship.

Wellness Center -  A place that will work to rehabilitate men and women who are recently let out of prison, currently on welfare, and provide them with strategies to obtain employment and pursue a better life.  We will also work with children who are in need of redirection to ensure they are placed on a productive path for future success.

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